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Tipping In Istanbul & Beyond!

As honorary citizens of Istanbul we’ve had plenty of exposure to the Tipping in Turkey etiquette and culture.

We believe that our knowledge and guidance will absolutely assist you in ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience in the city.

Understanding the culture and customs around tipping can be a challenge, but fear not, as in this comprehensive Turkish Tipping Guide we’ll cover all the aspects you need to be aware of.

When Do I Tip? Who Do I Tip? Why Do I Tip? How Much Do I Tip? – Understanding these four elements of tipping will help you to feel comfortable in any transactional situation.

Let’s dive in.

The Tipping Culture In Turkey | Should I Leave A Tip?

Yes you should absolutely embrace the Tipping Culture of Turkey and reward people for good service, food and other associated offerings.

Tipping in Istanbul, as in most cities in Turkey, is not mandatory but it is widely accepted and it is definitely appreciated.

The amount you choose to tip can vary depending on the service you receive, but it is generally expected to tip between 10% to 15% of the total bill in restaurants, cafes, and bars.

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Making sure that you tip someone in a service role when you are staying in the same accommodation for more than a few days on Day 1 of your stay will absolutely ensure you get the most amazing service.

When Should I Leave A Tip?

Anytime you receive either a good service or a good service product (such as food or drink) you should be encouraged to tip.

Here are some common scenarios where you may want to consider leaving a Tip in Istanbul.

Tiping in Restaurants: As mentioned, tipping 10% to 15% of the total bill is common in Istanbul restaurants.

Tipping in Bars: If you order drinks at a bar, you can round up the total bill or leave a few extra lira as a tip.

Tipping in Taxis: Rounding up the fare to the nearest whole number or leaving a few extra lira is a nice gesture for taxi drivers.

Tipping in Hotels: Leaving a small tip for housekeepers or luggage porters is commonplace and will be greatly appreciated.

Tipping in a Turkish Bath (Hamam): The people who work in the Turkish Spa’s throughout the country are trained to make you feel awesome – so definitely you should pay it forward and leave them a tip also which in turn leaves them feeling thankful and awesome.

Tipping a Tour Guide: All tour guides are paid in Turkey (well all official Tour Guides) but leaving a tip as a gesture of their service and expertise is always welcomed.

Woman tipping in Turkey in a Hotel handing Turkish Lira cash out from a purse

How to Tip in Istanbul!

Tipping in Istanbul follows the same premise of Tipping in Turkey so let’s make no mistake here, tipping with cash is ALWAYS preferred, so wherever possible have spare notes with you and ensure you give the tip directly to the person you wish to reward, don’t simply leave it for them on a table, bed, or anywhere else!

Some employers in Turkey are just as unscrupulous as employers elsewhere and ay take a cut if a tip is left lying around – or they may take the entire tip!

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Make sure that after you’ve got some cash at the ATM that you break it so you’ll have smaller notes to tip with otherwise you’ll find yourself tipping with a lot of 100TL notes

The Turkish Tipping Etiquette?

Here are some tips on how to tip effectively in Istanbul and in Turkey. Guidelines only obviously but many are simple common sense.

Observe the Service: Note the service you receive and tip based on the quality of the service.

Be Discreet: Tipping in Istanbul should be done discreetly and politely. Avoid making a scene or drawing attention to the tip especially in front of other employees or more senior staff.

Know the Currency: It’s important to know the local currency and have small bills on hand for tipping purposes. In most countries these days coins are of little use when tipping as the denominations are just too small.

Respect Cultural Differences: Tipping customs may vary from your home country, so be respectful of the local culture and customs.

Tipping In Turkey Reddit

Wondering how other people from all sorts of other countries approach the issue of Tipping in Turkey – wonder no more as you can read an entire forum on Reddit dedicated to the topic.

Absolute Istanbul’s Views On The Turkish Tipping Etiquette?

Look we all know that tipping in Istanbul is not mandatory, nor is it anywhere else on the planet. But it is widely accepted and sincerely appreciated.

Knowing when and how to tip can make your experience in the city more enjoyable and help you show appreciation for the service you receive.

By following some of the recommendation in this guide to Tipping in Turkey, you’ll be able to navigate the tipping culture in Istanbul with ease.

As a final word we’d like to note that you should NEVER tip for rude or bad service in Turkey – nor for that matter in any other country where tipping is commonplace.

Thanks for reading!

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    What Is The Best Currency To Tip With In Turkey?

    Turkish Lira is for sure the best currency to tip with in Turkey. But Euros will be gladly accepted as will US dollars.

    Is It Rude Not To Tip In Turkey?

    No. But again if being honest about the topic you should always tip as a tourist for good products or services.

    How Much Turkish Lira Is A Good Tip?

    10 to 20% of whatever the cost of the item or service you are paying for is. The answer will always be relative of course, but we feel as though being so lucky from a western rich industrialised country that we should spread good Karma by perhaps tipping a little more than some tourists from poorer countries might tip. Personally we always tip at least 15%.

    Should I Tip In An All Inclusive Resort in Turkey?

    Yes. These people are still providing a service, and if that service is good, then leave a tip for them to show your appreciation.

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